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Mobile Apps for Customer Service

The explosion of mobile apps has created a huge demand from smartphone users and given organizations a fresh new revenue stream as they inform, engage, market and sell to tech-savvy consumers. Mobile apps provide a unique platform for companies to build their brands, improve customer and increase competitive advantage, but they also can serve as another customer service touch point like the web or contact center, empowering customers with convenient, on-the-go self-service features. 

1) Apps are replacing websites - as tablets and smart phones replace traditional computers, apps are replacing websites. We work with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses, and monitor their web traffic - 15-20% of our clients web visitors now come from mobile devices.

2) Improved customer service - with your app, your customers can communicate with you anytime, anywhere and anyway they want. They can get a live map to your location, 'click to call' to ring you, send an email, a tweet. they can leave reviews, post to your Facebook wall, comment on your blog. It makes it much easier for them to find or communicate with you at the touch of a button

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